Energy work will help you get to the root of your generational, personal or even the external issues you take on. Whether it is anxiety, depression, shut down chakras, addiction etc….there is truly no limit!

How can Energy work benefit you?

I am willing to show you with my Free 30 min Consultation.
If you want to know how a session might go or you are just curious about energy work and want to give it a try, then click below and begin your transformation.

*First time clients only.

Energy Sessions Offered

I offer many options for sessions so I can help you no matter how busy, tired, or far you are.

energy work sat lake city utah

Energy Session

I will do a full session in my home. (An hour to an hour and a half.)

vibrations and energy work kaysville utah

Mobile Energy Session

I will come to you and do a full session. (An hour to an hour and a half.)

You must be within 20 miles of Bountiful, Utah.

Long Distance Energy Session

You can set up a time for me to call you and I will do a full session over the phone. (An hour to an hour and a half.)

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What else can I do to raise my Energy?

spiritual energy work in all of utahMeditation.
Meditation can sooth your nerves and give you peace.
It helps your energy stay high and your mind stay clear.

It is very important to stay hydrated not only for energy work but for your health as well.


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My daughter has always had a hard time dealing with any emotion on top of being very firm with her little sisters. She would follow he brother around obsessively trying to always have his attention. She has a very severe case of Impulsive ADHD so every day proved to be difficult for all of us. Since she wen’t to Angie to have energy work done, she is the sweet girl I always knew she was inside. She plays on her own now happily. She is so sweet to her little sisters now and wants to spend time with them. She sleeps in now instead of having to wake her brother up every morning and when she feels sad she now expresses that she is sad instead of getting angry.
It has been a total transformation and my whole family can’t even thank Angie enough.

-Mother of Sydney

My experience with Angie was great. She helped me with a sore back and a heavy heart. My back felt better after a day and continues to feel better than it did before the session. My heavy heart felt lightened and calmed once I let it simmer. It took a while to adjust, but once I did the universe presented more opportunity's I may not have been open to otherwise. I feel my life has changed course for a different path and I'm more open to where it may lead me. Over all, the experience was positive and very helpful. My life is better for it.


Going in to this I was a total sceptic, but now I'm not. There is no denying that angie brought up some things in my past that I was holding on to in a negative aspect. Im not certain if just talking about them for a brief time helped me let go or if her treatment helped. I definitely felt something during the session, something positive. I know this is something strange and new to people but I would highly recommend Angie. It was a great experience all around.


To whom it may concern, I had never heard of "energy work" but Angie seemed really passionate about it and so I decided to give it a shot. I can't say I immediately was able to recognize results but it was little things along the way that became clearer to me. After Angie released one of my trapped emotions I was able to think clearer and make some decisions that I had been struggling to make for over 7 months! As I have journeyed into learning more I recognize that a lot of my set backs could be helped by the work that Angie has done. I would recommend her and this type of work to anyone who feels like they are just floating around or stuck.

-Morgan in Tennessee

I had gone through a tramatic ordeal with my pregnancy two months earlier and my emotions were unsorted, my body wasn't agreeing with me and I was in a depression. After seeing Angie for energy therapy I am happier. My physical problems have gone away, and I have let go of the all the tangled emotions that were linked to the complications with the pregnancy. Thank you Angie!